The Beginning of Identity Candles

Here's to our very first blog post! My goal with this blog is to showcase new products, findings and artisans that we have connected with from around the world throughout our travels. We love hand-crafted products and soon we will be adding a section on our website that has gifts for your wedding; favors, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and custom branding for corporate clients and events.

Our journey began in 2015 when I noticed that the weddings that I produced was missing one key element which involved our 5 senses. I believed that we were in the business of selling an experience and we wanted our clients and their guests to experience each destination with all of their senses. Our florals looked beautiful, the food tasted delicious, our linens and stationery felt great and the music sounded amazing but there was no scent to the event. We were missing one key element and that is where we began to produce scented soy candles for each of our clients and the REVEL collection was born.

Pillar Candles    Decor by CD Florals    

Photos by: David Medina - Hidden Kiss Studio

Each client had a unique vision of their event and we brought their vision to life and added a scent too. At first we didn't want to tell anyone what we had planned so we just started with the votive 4 oz. size and 8 oz. clear glass and added it to our decor. To our surprise everyone thought the scent was coming from the flowers which confirmed we were on the right direction and Identity Candles began its journey.

Collections are limited and are each hand picked by Chezelle except the REVEL collection. REVEL was our first collection and because of its various sizes you may request to have a specific scent made just for you all year round! The other collections have vessels that may be reused for home/office decor and once we run out of inventory they will most likely not come back but the good news is that you may purchase a refill for that vessel and continue to use it. We will add that section to our website in the following weeks.


Identity Candles is a family owned business where each candle is hand poured and each vessel is hand picked by myself and my family. We only use the highest quality oils to produce our scents and all natural soy. This is a labor of love and I hope that when you receive your product you feel cozy and the scent brings you past memories. 

I want to thank David & Marelly Medina from Hidden Kiss Studio for opening the doors of their studio and working endless hours with us to complete our very first product photoshoot. I am super happy with the outcome and can't wait to do a second one! I also want to thank my family and friends for always supporting me and above all God who is the CEO of my life and all of my businesses.

I hope you follow me in my journey and share it with your loved ones and don't forget to browse through our collections to pick up a gift for that special someone in your life. 

Much love - Chezelle


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